The official website of Sir Martin Gilbert – 20th Century British Historian and the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill

It is for the historian either to Say what happened or to say that he cannot discover it.

To say, “Perhaps it was like this” is to mask a failure to get to the bottom of a problem: and failure in historical research is no crime. It is one of the hazards of the profession.

Sir Martin Gilbert

Sir Martin Gilbert Memorial Evening
A memorial evening to honour Sir Martin Gilbert will take place in Central London on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at 7.15pm. For more information and to reserve a place, please click here.

Welcome to Sir Martin Gilbert's website, a celebration of his life and his work, his passion, his philosophy, his favourite haunts, his humour and his humanity.

The official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century, Sir Martin is a scholar and an historian who, through his 88 books, has shown there is such a thing as “true history”.

  • Governor General of Canada speaks of Sir Martin at the Battle of Britain ceremony

    “Governor General praises the bravery of those who fought in the Battle of Britain” “Here is what  Governor General David Johnston had to say at the Battle of Britain ceremony today:” “Some years ago, I had the opportunity to speak to Sir ...

  • Opening of IWM Holocaust Exhibition 6th June 2000

    IWM tribute to “The Boys”

    Speech for 70th anniversary of arrival of ‘The Boys’ in Cumbria, 13 August 2015 By Suzanne Bardgett, Head of Research and Academic Partnerships, Imperial War Museum, London Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am here on behalf of the IWM’s Dire...

  • Five Hours on the Golan, Israel,19 October 1973

    Extracts from Sir Martin’s unpublished diary Coming to Israel on 4 October 1973 to research Churchill’s 1921 visit there, Sir Martin was caught up in the conflict as a volunteer, and keen to record history as it happened: 5.30 am.  Give a lift to an English...

    Sir Martin with a Soldier in Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1973
  • Sir Martin Gilbert Memorial Evening

    A memorial evening to honour Sir Martin Gilbert will take place in Central London on: Tuesday 24th November 2015 from 7.15 to 9pm. All applications must be received by 19 October 2015. There is a maximum of four tickets per application. Tickets, with details of the loca...

    Sir Martin on location in Burnham -on -Sea, Sommerset, 19 August 2009
  • MG with Index cards001 (2)

    Find the answers in Sir Martin’s Indexes

    One of the exciting features of the website is the inclusion of the Indexes of Sir Martin’s core books.  He always took great pleasure in compiling these itemised indexes himself – writing them on index cards:  now they are available here on their associated b...

  • Why Study Churchill?

    Finest Hour 73, Winter 1991-92. Churchill for today: Teaching the Next Generation “Why study Churchill?” I am often asked. “Surely he has nothing to say to us today?” Yet in my own work, as I open file after file of Churchill’s archive, from his entry into Gov...