The official website of Sir Martin Gilbert – 20th Century British Historian and the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill

It is for the historian either to Say what happened or to say that he cannot discover it.

To say, “Perhaps it was like this” is to mask a failure to get to the bottom of a problem: and failure in historical research is no crime. It is one of the hazards of the profession.

Sir Martin Gilbert

Welcome to Sir Martin Gilbert's website, a celebration of his life and his work, his passion, his philosophy, his favourite haunts, his humour and his humanity.

The official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century, Sir Martin is a scholar and an historian who, through his 88 books, has shown there is such a thing as “true history”.

  • … and for how long to rule?

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    Location! Location! Location! From Esther Gilbert

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  • Myths and Realities

    275 words – 1 minute read Photo: A Jewish official in the Ottoman Empire, before 1914, photo from Israel Museum Mirna Abdulaal, writing in Egyptian Streets about “Four Myths About Israel and Palestine” quotes Martin in debunking the myth that Muslims and Jews neve...

    Jewish official in Ottoman Empire