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Alan Palmer: 28 September 1926 – 25 March 2022

Photo: 1 November 2015, with Alan Palmer, Oxford 720 words/  3 ½ minute read One of the early inspirations in Martin’s life and subsequent historical work was his Highgate School History Master, his mentor, his friend, Alan Palmer who sadly died this spring in his 96th year.  In 2005, with the 90th anniversary

Wendy also with book

The Loughton Boys Return

Photo:  Wendy Higgins with Ben Helfgott, one of the Loughton Boys, and Sir Martin’s book.  Maurice Helfgott, Ben’s son, stands behind Wendy.  Photo from video. 250 words / 2 minute read A short film, launched on International Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, shows a reunion and return of some of

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“We are no longer alone”

Photo:  “Averell Harriman with Churchill at a naval dockyard establishment in Plymouth, 2 May 1941, shortly after a severe German air raid (hence the steel helmet worn by the dockyard worker).” 685 words – 3 ½ minute read “These two gentleman were apparently longing for Germany to commit some overt

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A Tale of Two Vlads (and one Winston)

Photo: Churchill, A Life, Ukrainian edition, Churchill, A Life, Russian edition 335 words / 2 ½ minute read I am reminded of Yertle the Turtle, Dr Seuss’s classic tale of Yertle, a turtle in the swamp of Sala-ma-Sond who decides he wanted to be “ruler of all that I see”.  Being somewhat

Gorodok Jewish Cemetery

A blood-soaked land

Photo: The Jewish cemetery in Hordok, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine, photo taken in 2011. 470 words / 2 minute read Russia and Ukraine – there’s history there.  And it probably goes back to the beginning, though the 20th Century has been particularly harsh on that relationship. In 2011 Martin and I went

Churchill in the 1890s

Churchill: Forty Years On

Photo: Churchill in the 1890s, from Churchill, A Life When asked what aspects of Churchill’s life needed more study, Martin would answer – Churchill’s humanitarian and domestic policies.  So on this, the 7th anniversary of Martin’s death, here is some of what he wrote in that vein: 1000 words/5 minute read Areas