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Beautiful world … indeed!

Martin was always very proud of his foreign editions – Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian and Chinese to name a few.  He was surprised and honoured to find in Shanghai his three volume history of the Twentieth Century in a handsome five-volume edition, surprised because it was done without

Churchill & Alexander

Churchill, the “Great Gentleman”

Photo: Churchill and Alexander, 24 August 1944, from In Search of Churchill 500 words/ 2 ½ minute read The list of Churchill’s reform measures is impressive. The Tory Democrat who became an active Liberal and then a Conservative again (at the age of fifty-six) could look with pride at the legislation

German soldiers

The German Invasion of Russia

Photo: Summer 1941; battle-weary German troops rest at the side of the tank 1050 words/5 minute read On the night of July1, a train made up of twenty-two goods wagons and two passenger cars left Leningrad for the east; on board, under the vigilant eye of the art scholar Vladimir Levinson-Lessing,

1st WW sites in UK map

Staying in Britain this Summer? Read Gilbert

Photo: Sir Martin’s map of the First World War Sites in Britain Visit the museums, birthplaces, cemeteries and memorials – locations with a First World War connection. Sir Martin’s Atlas is an historical guide to any tour through Britain. Read: British History Atlas    Subscribe to Sir Martin’s Newsletter & Book