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Tragedy of the Slapton Sands rehearsal for D-Day landings

Photo: Sir Martin, describing the preparations for the Normandy Landings, May 2003. Photo © Bernie Pucker, with thanks to Liz Burgess. Patrick Kidd, in The Times on April 29, writes of the tragedy of the Slapton Sands rehearsal for the D-Day landings: Sir Martin, in D-Day, gives the background to

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Taking Gilbert Out of Context

Photo: Memorial to the Jews of Dzialoszyce murdered “by the German Genociders” Michael Brown, writing a piece in WND entitled “Why Russian Jews Dreaded Easter Weekend” has several inaccuracies that call out for clarification. His premise is that Jews in Russia were subjected to anti-Jewish violence that had been instigated

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Jewels from the Archive by Esther Gilbert

Photo: Martin with Elizabeth Nel, 2006, in London The Elizabeth Nel Correspondence The latest edition of Finest Hour, “The Journal of Winston Churchill and his Times” (Number 183) contains an article by Cita Stelzer entitled “Working with Winston: The Unsung Women Behind Britain’s Greatest Statesman”. Cita Stelzer writes about Churchill’s

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Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Photo: David Ben-Gurion declaring Israeli independence, with a photo of Theodor Herzl above him. Israel’s Declaration of Independence read out by David Ben  Gurion, Tel Aviv, 14 May 1948 The Jewish people came into being in Eretz Israel [the Land of Israel]. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was

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The Archive From Esther Gilbert

Photo: Some of the hundreds of box files of Sir Martin’s archive In March, Hillsdale College in Michigan announced they had acquired Sir Martin’s library and archive. As the above excerpt shows, Martin spoke with anyone who had known Churchill, worked with him, worked for him, even those who worked

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Judy’s Laundry Basket

Photo: Venetia Stanley, 1887-1948 1971, Martin, just back in Oxford from a visit to Gallipoli to research Churchill’s time there for Volume III of the biography, writes: Shortly after my return to Britain, with the image of the Dardanelles still vivid in my mind I received a visitor. She was

Arab Israel Minority map

The Israeli Elections 2019

On April 9, Israelis will go to the polls in what could be a momentous election. As this map shows,the numbers and needs of Arabs who are citizens of Israel, though a minority, must be taken into consideration in a democratic state. The Arab-Israeli Minority, as at 2010 Read: Arab-Israel

Macedonian launch

Martin in Translation By Esther Gilbert

Photo: Martin speaking at the launch of his book The Holocaust, 2003, Skopje, Macedonia. Lubcho Lapé is to his right. In memory of the 75th anniversary of the German occupation of Hungary, the Hungarian periodical Szombat is publishing the “Hungary” chapter in The Righteous, Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust, which

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Churchill: Villain or Hero?

Photo: Leaders in the strike, including John Hopla who with Will John formed the Cambrian joint-strike committee. WalesOnLine. The recent mailbag included inquiries from two journalists who wrote to ask Martin to comment on a remark by the Shadow Chancellor. John McDonnell claimed that Churchill, while Home Secretary in 1910,

Budapest map

BUDAPEST Chronology

Photo: BUDAPEST MAP From The Righteous 1941 June 27: Hungary enters the war on the side of Germany. August: Hungary agrees to German request for 20,000 Jewish forced labourers in German-occupied Russia. More than 15,000 are killed, 11,000 at Kamenets Podolsk on 23 August 1941. 1943 April 17: The Hungarian

Wannsee List 1

January 20th By Esther Gilbert

On January 20th, a burial took place at a Jewish cemetery in London that was attended by members of the government, clergy, and 1200 Jews of varying degrees of religiosity. Who was this individual whose death had brought together so many, and from such a wide spectrum of society? No


International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Photo: Rabbi Nicky Liss, Chairman of the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue, at the gravesite. Courtesy HMDT Tens of thousands of events across the UK were supported by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, from speakers to exhibitions, from memorial programmes to projects, in schools, civic centres, churches and care homes. 


In Honour of Martin

January 21st marks the 4th anniversary of Martin’s death on the Hebrew calendar. It is also the Israeli holiday of Tu B’Shvat, or the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, the holiday of planting trees. It is the only Israeli holiday that is not biblical, historical or political,

prodos and barboo 2018

Read Gilbert

December’s mailbag included an email query from Prodos Marinakis from Melbourne, Australia, who writes to ask about an article in The Independent by Jenn Selby in which she writes of Sir Martin, “Like much of Britain in the Thirties and Forties, however, he adds that Churchill ‘shared the low-level casual

Jewish Brigade

Corrections Made & Accepted

PHOTO: Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev (on the right) speaks to Lavi Melman (on the left) and Roy Van-Gelder (centre), both of whom are related to Jewish Brigade soldiers who were killed in North Italy in 1945, at the Westminster Field of Remembrance, 8 November 2018. In response to a piece

Martin Gilbert.Churchill bust by Nemon

The Mail Bag From Esther Gilbert

PHOTO : Martin with the Nemon bust of Churchill, photo courtesy Lady Young. It is now nearly four years since Martin died, and six and a half since he published a word. But I am continually amazed at how his work and his reputation for being, in Dennis Prager’s words,