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“Churchill and Zionism”

On 8 May 1945 the war in Europe came to an end. Six million Jews had been murdered; hundreds of thousands of pitiful survivors craved to be allowed to go at once to Palestine, and to rebuild their shattered lives in the Jewish National Home – a refuge which had


Standing Together

Thank You to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police and the National Security Services, the NHS National Health Service, Members of the Houses of Parliament, Leaders of Britain’s religious communities, and the thousands who gathered, for standing together to combat hatred and terror.  Prayers and healing to those


A History of Jews in Muslim Lands   

“This book is dedicated to the 13 million Jews and the 1,300 million Muslims in the world in the hope that they may renew in the Twenty-First Century the mutual tolerance, respect and partnership that marked many periods in their history” The conquests of Islam made Jews subjects of Arab


New Volume in Official Churchill Biography

THE CHURCHILL DOCUMENTS: Volume 19 Fateful Questions, September 1943 to April 1944 Hillsdale College Press has published the latest instalment in the Official Biography of Sir Winston Churchill. Fateful Questions tells Churchill’s story during the final four months of 1943 and the first months of 1944 over a total 2728 pages of documents.

Churchill's first wartime broadcast on 1st October 1939

Winston Churchill, The Wilderness Years

… in a fifteen minute broadcast to the United States on 8 August 1939, a broadcast spiced with irony, Churchill began: “Holiday time, ladies and gentlemen! Holiday time, my friends across the Atlantic! Holiday time, when the summer calls the toilers of all countries for an all too brief spell


“Let us take the rough with the smooth”

Throughout his long life, Winston Churchill understood the power of words. In public speeches, in published books, in newspaper and magazine articles, he expressed his feelings and laid out his vision for the future. His descriptions of the wars that he fought in between 1897 and 1900 were read with


From Esther Gilbert

In 1962 Sir Martin spent the summer driving through the United States, returning in 1965 as a visiting scholar at the University of South Carolina. It was during these early visits that he developed a love for American history and geography in all their aspects. His Routledge Atlas of American History


“Last Testament” From Esther Gilbert

In 2006, Martin, who had been appointed a Distinguished Fellow at Hillsdale College in Michigan, was there speaking on “What Did Democracy Mean to Winston Churchill”.  After his lecture, I made my way up to him. The moment he spotted me, he called out to me and turned to a gentleman standing next