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26 April 1981, Hon .D.Litt. Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri


The First Crosby Kemper Lecture, delivered by Sir Martin Gilbert at the Winston Churchill Memorial, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri , April 26, 1981. President Saunders, ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honoured to be invited here to Westminster College to talk at the site of Churchill’s famous ‘Iron Curtain Speech,’ and

Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, Western Marble Arch Synagogue

Sir Martin Gilbert Memorial Tribute

In honour of the one-year anniversary of Sir Martin Gilbert’s death on 3 February 2015, we are pleased to share the Memorial Tribute evening in honour of Sir Martin’s life and his immense contribution to history, held at the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London on 24 November 2015. Memorial

Randolph Churchill, Stour, East Bergholt, February 1965

“The Beast of Bergholt”

Picture: Randolph Churchill, Stour, East Bergholt, February 1965 My employment with Randolph Churchill began in October 1962, on my twenty-sixth birthday. Given Randolph’s reputation for drink and anger, my friends and I assumed that my engagement would be of short duration. I was still there, as part of his team

Dr Anne Langan, Elizabeth Dick, Dr Harriet Sepinwall, Maraid Mukaida, Susana Monteiro, Zakiya Atkinson, Meghan McNamara Not pictured: Michele Bellomo & Lizandaa Alburg


The Teachers Dr Anne Langan, Elizabeth Dick, Dr Harriet Sepinwall, Maraid Mukaida, Susana Monteiro, Zakiya Atkinson, Meghan McNamara Not pictured: Michele Bellomo & Lizandaa Alburg How to give teachers background in the Holocaust to inspire their own teaching of it? Dr Harriet Sepinwall at the College of Saint Elizabeth in


Perfect Seasonal Book Gifts

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How to spell Hanukah?

You may have noticed … different spellings for Hanukah.  Gloria Donen Sosin, an American correspondent of mine, has just sent me an article in which she notes no less than eighteen different spellings – in English transliteration alone – of the five Hebrew letters that make up the name of


“Kristallnacht taught several lessons”

“Kristallnacht taught several lessons. It taught those who were the source of prejudice that a whole people can be demonised; that a whole nation can be turned totally and obscenely against a decent, hard-working, creative, loyal and integral part of its own society.  This point was made on 19 August

Opening of IWM Holocaust Exhibition
6th June 2000

IWM tribute to “The Boys”

Speech for 70th anniversary of arrival of ‘The Boys’ in Cumbria, 13 August 2015 By Suzanne Bardgett, Head of Research and Academic Partnerships, Imperial War Museum, London Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am here on behalf of the IWM’s Director- General, Diane Lees, who I know would have