“Don’t let the revisionists rewrite Nazi history”

Thank you to David Aaronovitch, who in his 13 April 2017 piece in The Times, “Don’t let the revisionists rewrite Nazi history”, describes “intellectual evisceration” as carried out by Sir Martin in 1987. 

That discussion, in 1987, was about the suggestion of collaboration between “Zionist leaders” and the Germans to murder Europe’s Jews in order to have grounds to establish a Jewish state; the specific case was that of Rudolf Kastner, the head of the Zionist Rescue Commitee in Hungary in 1944, and the 1955 trial in Israel in which Kastner was accused – and cleared – of collaboration.  Sir Martin responds:

“… and this judgement was overruled in the Supreme Court … different from our system of justice, it is possible in Israel to overrule a judgement on a point of fact  and not on a point of law.  In this case it was overruled on a point of fact.  And again you cannot bring to trial Jews who in the main are dead, because of course most Zionist leaders were murdered by the Nazis, and the Nazis did not differentiate when people came out of the cattle trucks:  ‘Ah, Zionists to the left, kindly, and non-Zionists to their death’ … disgraceful that something like this should even be debated as if somehow there is a right and a wrong here … there is simply an allegation against Jews which has no basis in fact ….”
Thank you to David Aaronovitch for also posting the link to that 1987 discussion.

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