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In conjunction with Sir Martin’s eBook publisher RosettaBooks and his Atlas publisher Routledge, these titles are being offered at special promotion this month: 1st to 31st December 2015

“All the way from Adam and Eve to the current conflict in the Middle East”

Buy The Story of the Jewish People

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31 December 1999, the close of the Twentieth Century

“It is called the century of the common man,” wrote Winston Churchill, “because in it the common man has suffered the most.”

 Amazon UK : £1.99, Amazon US : $2.99, Amazon CA : $3.94

7 December 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Sir Martin Gilbert’s Atlas of the Second World War is a work of extraordinary scholarship….No university, library, historian – or anyone interested in World War II – will want to be without it.” Henry Kissinger

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