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Wendy also with book

The Loughton Boys Return

Photo:  Wendy Higgins with Ben Helfgott, one of the Loughton Boys, and Sir Martin’s book.  Maurice Helfgott, Ben’s son, stands behind Wendy.  Photo from video. 250 words / 2 minute read A short film, launched on International Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, shows a reunion and return of some of

Gorodok Jewish Cemetery

A blood-soaked land

Photo: The Jewish cemetery in Hordok, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine, photo taken in 2011. 470 words / 2 minute read Russia and Ukraine – there’s history there.  And it probably goes back to the beginning, though the 20th Century has been particularly harsh on that relationship. In 2011 Martin and I went

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Beautiful world … indeed!

Martin was always very proud of his foreign editions – Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian and Chinese to name a few.  He was surprised and honoured to find in Shanghai his three volume history of the Twentieth Century in a handsome five-volume edition, surprised because it was done without