Sir Martin’s book The Boys

From Helen McCord, Senior Teaching Fellow,

the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education:

At the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education we are working with the author Tom Palmer to produce free lesson materials and resources to support teachers using his novel ‘After the War’ with their students. ‘After the War’ is a carefully researched historical novel, based upon the testimonies and experiences of ‘The Boys’, the child survivors of the Holocaust who were sent to Windermere in August 1945 to begin the long process of recovery. We expect that it will be widely used by teachers with their students and we wish to support them in this endeavour.

The lesson materials and resources that we have produced are aimed at students in Years 7 & 8 in a range of subject areas:  History, Religious Studies, Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural development, and English. They will be freely available for teachers to access and download from our website. All of the lessons use testimony from ‘The Boys’ which has been extracted from Martin Gilbert’s 2017 publication of the same name.

It is an honour and a privilege to have Sir Martin’s book part of this important educational endeavour!

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