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Thoughts on Martin’s Birthday

Winston Churchill had a way with words. So may I be forgiven for quoting Churchill to speak for me in honouring my dear husband who would be celebrating his birthday this month?

Martin and I were married for ten years. On September 12, 1918, Churchill wrote to his wife Clementine from Paris where he foresaw the imminent defeat of the Germans which would bring an end to the First World War two months later. It was their tenth anniversary, and I quote his letter to Clementine, from Churchill, A Life:

Ten years ago my dearest one we were sliding down to Blenheim in our special train. Do you remember? It was a long stage on life’s road. Do you think we have been less happy or more happy than the average married couple?

            I reproach myself very much for not having been more to you. But at any rate in these ten years the sun has never yet gone down on our wrath. Never once have we closed our eyes in slumber with an unappeased difference.

            My dearest sweet I hope & pray that future years may bring you serene & smiling days, & full & fruitful occupation. I think that you will find real scope in the new world opening out to women, & find interests which will enrich your life. And always at your side in true & tender friendship as long as he breathes will be your ever devoted, if only partially satisfactory W

 “These ten years.” I was privileged to spend his last ten years at Martin’s side. The joy of those years almost begins to compensate for the depth of the loss.

Read: Churchill, A Life

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