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Israel Joins the “Comity of Nations”

Photo: The Palestine Post, later to become the Jerusalem Post, front page on the declaration of statehood.  (Note article on Egyptian attack.) 1075 words / 5 minute read  At five o’clock in the afternoon of 14 May 1948, in the main hall of the Tel Aviv Museum, a ceremony took place

Churchill in Tel Aviv

Churchill’s 1921 visit to Jerusalem

Photo:  Churchill with Tel Aviv’s mayor Meir Dizengoff, 30 March 1921 800 words / 4 minute read At midnight on 23 March 1921, Churchill left Egypt for Palestine by overnight train.  Sir Herbert Samuel and T. E. Lawrence accompanied him.  At that time 83,000 Jews and 600,000 Arabs lived between the

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Iran What’s going on? Where did it come from?

Photo:  Ayatollah Khomeini on the Iran 2000 Rial banknote (in November 2022, worth £.04 or $.047) 635 words / 3 minute read 1953:  Not only Communism, but Islam, was offering an alternative political system to parliamentary democracy.  On November 2 the Constituent Assembly in Pakistan declared the country a republic and

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“We are no longer alone”

Photo:  “Averell Harriman with Churchill at a naval dockyard establishment in Plymouth, 2 May 1941, shortly after a severe German air raid (hence the steel helmet worn by the dockyard worker).” 685 words – 3 ½ minute read “These two gentleman were apparently longing for Germany to commit some overt

Churchill in the 1890s

Churchill: Forty Years On

Photo: Churchill in the 1890s, from Churchill, A Life When asked what aspects of Churchill’s life needed more study, Martin would answer – Churchill’s humanitarian and domestic policies.  So on this, the 7th anniversary of Martin’s death, here is some of what he wrote in that vein: 1000 words/5 minute read Areas

Churchill & Alexander

Churchill, the “Great Gentleman”

Photo: Churchill and Alexander, 24 August 1944, from In Search of Churchill 500 words/ 2 ½ minute read The list of Churchill’s reform measures is impressive. The Tory Democrat who became an active Liberal and then a Conservative again (at the age of fifty-six) could look with pride at the legislation