Atlas Of British Charities

“The aim of this atlas is to provide a picture of the scale and nature of the work of British charities. Individual maps cover the work of forty-eight different charities. In all, four hundred charities are mentioned on the maps: I have listed them in a special index. Every town and village shown on the maps is linked to some charitable activity: there are more than a thousand locations in the index of places.”

Book Excerpt:

Map 67: Riding for the Disabled

“A total of 24,853 disabled people participate in Riding for the Disabled activities, assisted by
14,942 helpers. More than 700 Members Groups in the United Kingdom organize riding and
driving. Funds are raised for specially adapted pony-drawn vehicles, for special harness suitable for
the disabled driver and their able-bodied 'whip', and for safe ponies and donkeys.”
“Riders' Disabilities, 1992, (Principal Categories): Severe learning difficulty, Mild learning
difficulty, Cerebral palsy, Mental illness, Autism, Spina Bifida, Blind, Deaf, Multiple injury,
Muscular Dystrophy, Limbless, Polio”

What the author says

“To produce a single-page map for every existing British charity would result in more than two
thousand books the size of this one. In this atlas I have focused, though not exclusively, on charities
concerned with children, with learning and physical disabilities, with medical research, with severe
and terminal illness, with old age, and with homelessness.

“Through seventy-two maps I have tried to give an indication of some important areas of existing
charitable initiatives, of some of the remarkable achievements that have been obtained, and of some
of the challenges still to be met. It is my hope also that this atlas will be of service to those in
search of help, and that it will encourage those who wish to make their contribution to the cause of

What the press say

“Atlas of British Charities is the most comprehensive work ever written on this subject, and the
scope is enormous.” Sunday Independent, Plymouth

“It is the mark of this man that he wants to tell the little story of the Association of Blind Asians,
one of the 400 charities in this atlas.” Craig Kenney, Camden Journal

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  • Formats: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0952235903