Children’s Illustrated Bible Atlas

Wanting to see the lands of the Bible through the eyes of the young, Martin Gilbert took Natalie, his eleven-year-old daughter, with him to the Holy Land. They travelled together from northern-most Galilee to Mount Sinai.

For both of them it was a voyage of discovery. They were struck by the enormous contrasts in the landscape of so small a country – desert and sea, fertile plain and bare mountain, gentle valleys and foreboding canyons.

Through the lavish use of colour maps, his own photographs and biblical quotations, Martin Gilbert gives the reader a splendid opportunity to share this voyage, and many of the journeys of the Bible.

Book Excerpt:

“Most of the Bible stories, both of the Old Testament and the New, took place in this small land,
between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, bounded in the north by Mount Hermon, and
in the south by the Negev and Sinai deserts.

“This atlas is a guide to the events which took place in that Holy Land. It opens with the coming of
Abraham to the Promised Land, and follows the story, first of the Jews and their struggles, and then
of Jesus and his disciples.”

What the author says

“I am grateful to my daughter, Natalie, who not only accompanied me to the Biblical sites, but who
also helped me both to take and to select the photographs, and to prepare the maps for the
cartographer. This atlas is, in every way, as much hers as mine.”

What the press say

“It is an excellent atlas for educational study. All the maps are in a variety of contrasting colours
without being cluttered with irrelevant material, with routes and place names clearly marked. Each
map has its own scale, so that it is just as easy to follow the advance of Saul's armies in miles, as it
is to measure in yards (or metres) the distance associated with the details leading up to the death of
Jesus. … Each map is marked with a star showing the place from which the accompanying
photograph on the opposite page was taken. Biblical quotations are used as captions to the
photographs.” J. Geoffrey M. Thorne, The Testimony

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  • Maps: 29
  • Formats: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-0491024563