In Search of Churchill

In Search of Churchill is the story of Gilbert’s thirty-year quest for his subject. He reveals the staggering extent of his historical labour and shares with the reader some of the great moments in his pursuit. ‘I remember the extraordinary sense of elation when, one morning in 1987, I reached the final file in the bottom drawer of the last filing cabinet.’ With characteristic modesty he does not say how many filing cabinets were necessary to contain the fifteen tons of paper which he had sorted through to reach that final file. The book offers many insights into how one of our leading historians and biographers goes about his task.


Book Excerpt:

“Yet through it all, as Lady Soames remembered across the years, 'Papa had this enormous quality of never despairing.' As a result of the publication of his doctor's diary in 1965, the picture of Churchill as frequently and debilitatingly depressed had, by the time I began my work, taken hold in the general literature. It did not quite square up to what I was finding: a man often angered and saddened by the bad turn of events, but having unusual resilience to come back fighting within a short time; not someone incapacitated through mental ill-health or through excessive drinking.”


What the readers say

“I have read many books on Churchill and Roosevelt. I love reading about that time in history. Last night I finished your book, In Search of Churchill. It was such a great book to read. I did not think I would get much new information out of it. I was wrong. You made one see Churchill`s life in a whole new and refreshing light. I am totally unable to express myself to someone as learned as yourself. Still, I wanted you to know, your books are being read and appreciated.”  Mary Ragsdale

What the author says

In working for Randolph Churchill: "I learned at Stour that history was concerned with character and humanity, as well as with facts and achievements."



What the press say

“A fascinating account of tireless and resourceful detective work... Gilbert's zeal in pursuit of every scrap of evidence on Churchill's life is an example to all biographers. The work he has done puts all historians of the twentieth century, and all students of Churchill, incalculably in his debt.” John Grigg, Sunday Telegraph

“Gilbert is a careful scholar with a proper respect for evidence, fact, accuracy... His primary concern is setting the record straight – and in this entertaining and enjoyable book he explains how he sets about it.” Ben Pimlott, Guardian


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