The Churchill Documents, Volume 16: The Ever-Widening War, 1941

The Ever-Widening War deals with the dramatic events of 1941, during which the Second World
War engulfed the world. When the year began, Britain stood alone against German dominance in
Europe, facing massive air raids, the threat of invasion, and starvation unless the Battle of the
Atlantic could be won. In the summer, Hitler’s cataclysmic attack on Stalin threatened to defeat the
Soviet Union; within six months Japan’s surprise air assault at Pearl Harbor brought the United
States into the conflict. The war had extended beyond its bounds world-wide, but despite
devastating losses, Churchill continued to see the possibility of eventual victory.

Book Excerpt:

14 February 1941, Winston S. Churchill to Sir John Squire,

“Private and Confidential”:“ 'Dear Sir John“ 'Thank you for your letter of January 30 about the equipment and state of readiness of the Home Guard. I am afraid it will be some time before there is a rifle for every man in the Home Guard. The additional supplies we have asked for from the United States are not yet available.' ”

What the author says

“1941 was a testing time for Britain: the second full year of war, but the first year in which the battles were fought from the start without hesitation. No 'phoney war' marked the opening months.
The Blitz, which had been intense during the last months of 1940 continued; the Battle of the Atlantic intensified; the struggle in North Africa was unremitting.

“The year 1941 'opens in storm', Churchill wrote to President Roosevelt on New Year's Day.”

What the press say

“... an invaluable resource, not only for their historical content, but for their sheer personal interest.”
Henry Kissinger
“Lest we forget – 1941 was one of the crucial years of the Twentieth Century, and this fascinating
volume brings it back in all its savage intensity. What a rich and vivid figure Winston Churchill
was! And what superb friendship he forged with his equally strong and vivid partner across the
Atlantic! This book is as compelling for the general reader as it is invaluable for the historian.”
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

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