The Churchill Documents, Volume 7: The Escaped Scapegoat, May 1915 – December 1916

The letters and documents in this volume were written between May 1915 and December 1916, the period covered in the second part of Volume III of the Churchill biography. During this period Churchill was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and a member of the Cabinet, a battalion commander on the western front, and, lastly, a Member of Parliament, holding no office and in vigourous opposition to Government policy.

The volume includes every letter written by Churchill to his wife from the trenches.

The volume also contains the maps and biographical index for both Volumes 6 and 7.


Book Excerpt:

Commodore Tyrwhitt to Winston S. Churchill, 28 May 1915:

“I am only one of a vast number who deeply regret your leaving the Admiralty. I who perhaps saw more of the inner workings of the Admiralty than any of my brother officers shall never cease to regret that you are not still the First Lord, as I know how much you have done for the Navy and how much we owe you for your indefatigable exertions and I also know you to be a man who fears nothing. I only hope and I am sure you will – come again and when you do you will find the Navy will welcome you with open arms.”


What the author says

“I have used footnotes to elaborate the historical background, and to provide relevant material not explicit in the documents themselves. A series of seventeen maps covering the areas mentioned in the volume – the North Sea, the Baltic, the Dardanelles and the Western front – are printed on pages 1590-1608. Every individual mentioned in the documents is given a short biographical note on the first occasion he or she appears in the text.”


What the press say

“These substantial books contain letters and documents pertinent to this period in the life of one of our greatest statesmen. They are annotated by Professor Gilbert with maps and a capacious biographical index. Apart from the inestimable value to students of history, the man in the street may derive great fascination by being able to delve into the very nucleus of history.” Tatler and Bystander

“How Winston would have enjoyed browsing through these two majestic books, full of the raw material of the history of his momentous years! We must all be grateful to Mr Gilbert for his Herculean labours among this mass of documents, and look forward to more revelations of the years from 1917 onwards.” The Oxford Times


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