Winston Churchill and Emery Reves: Correspondence 1937-1964

Early in 1937, Emery Reves, the enterprising owner of an independent press service called
Cooperation made Winston Churchill an irresistible offer. He would place Churchill’s articles on
current world events in major newspapers across Europe. So began a profitable business
relationship that grew through time into an enduring personal friendship. This book chronicles that
relationship through the entire body of correspondence between Winston Churchill and Emery
Reves. It preserves a compelling record of how each man used the other’s talents to forward a cause
that passionately engaged them both – the spread of democratic ideals.

Book Excerpt:

Letter, Emery Reves to Winston S. Churchill, 12 July 1937:

“As I have told you in my last letter, I hope your articles will be well published in the Baltic
countries. The situation in these countries is briefly the following: The newspapers are so small
and poor that they can hardly pay 1 Pound for an article. That is the reason why no West-European
organization touches them, and why these papers are entirely at the mercy of German propaganda.
They get almost all their stuff from German agencies practically free of charge. … Now I went for
the 4th time to that part of Europe, and we have excellent relations since last year. They are
publishing almost all of our articles. We are working on subscription basis, so they are interested to
publish as many articles as possible.”

What the author says

“Many years ago, when I first came across the correspondence between Reves and Churchill in the
Churchill papers, I was curious to know how Reves had come to be a central figure in the
distribution of articles by so many prominent people, all seeking to uphold democratic values. On
the last occasion that we met, in October 1980 in Montreux, he told me his life story. He was very
ill and feared that his story would die with him if he did not tell it there and then.”

What the press say

“Among other details, this work constitutes the complete record of published translations of
Churchill's important 1930s articles.” Ronald I. Cohen, Finest Hour, November 2014

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