Winston Churchill’s War Leadership: Continue to Pester, Nag and Bite

How does Churchill assess the information that is brought to him? How does his personal or political philosophy, or a moral sense, sustain him? How does he draw inspiration from those around him? How does he deal with setbacks and disasters? This consise book, based originally on a lecture delivered to President George W. Bush’s senior staff, gets to the heart of the trials and struggles that have confronted the world’s most powerful leaders, even up to today.

 Basing the book on his intimate knowledge of Churchill’s private and official papers, Churchill’s official biographer, looks at the public figure and wartime propaganda to reveal a very human, sensitive, and often tormented man, who nevertheless found the strength to lead his nation forward from the darkest and most dangerous times.


Book Excerpt:

“ 'Continue to pester, nag and bite' summed up Churchill's own method of war leadership. To one of his commander-in-chiefs he had a further exortation: 'Improvise and dare.' ”


What the author says

“When Winston Churchill became Prime Minister on 10 May 1940, he had been a Member of Parliament for almost forty years. For more than twenty-five of those years he had held high ministerial office, with responsibilities that covered many spheres of national policy and international affairs. Central to the strength of his war leadership was this experience. Churchill could draw upon knowledge acquired in the many fierce political battles and tough international negotiations in which he had been a central and often successful participant. 'My knowledge, which has been bought, not taught,' was how he expressed it in the House of Commons during a stormy interwar debate on defence. … That experience served as an essential underpinning – and strengthening – of his leadership in the Second World War.”


What the press say

“... fascinating insights into the way Britain's Prime Minister commanded and led during World War Two.... Required reading for those who wish to understand Churchill's wartime leadership.” Military Book Reviews

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  • Translations: Czech, Hebrew, Portuguese
  • Formats: Paperback, e-book