First World War Collection

Sir Martin writes:

Two very different wars were fought between 1914 and 1918. The first was a war of soldiers, sailors and airmen, of merchant seamen and civilian populations under occupation, where individual suffering and distress were on a massive scale, particularly in the front-line trenches. The second was a war of War Cabinets and sovereigns, of propagandists and idealists, replete with political and territorial ambitions and ideals, determining the future of Empires, nations and peoples as sharply as the battlefield.

Sir Martin on the battle field of Ypres with his assistant,1969
Sir Martin on the battle field of Ypres with his assistant,1969

There were times, particularly in 1917 and 1918, when the war of armies and the war of ideologies combined, leading to revolution and capitulation, and to the emergence of new national and political forces. The war changed the map and destiny of Europe as much as it seared its skin and scarred its soul.

On This Day: 30 September 1918:

“Hostilities on the Bulgarian Front ended at noon on September 30.  With Bulgaria in turmoil, Macedonia liberated, and any chance of German reinforcement ended, the Bulgarian delegates then at Salonica … had no other course but to accept the terms they were offered …. The Bulgarian collapse was a blow to Germany and Austria, both of which were suddenly cut off from all land links with their ally Turkey.  … In London and Paris there was great excitement at the thought of Germany becoming vulnerable through the defeat of her allies.”

First World War, A Complete History

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