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    As you may know, Sir Martin went through a lot of bottles of ink in his work.  I am not sure if his pen was ever at rest!  We are now trying to compile a bibliography and filmography list of Sir Martin’s work.  If you know of any newspaper and magazine articles he wrote, forewords and introductions, or any other writing, or films you have seen in which he played a part, could you kindly email the bibliographic information (publication source, date of publication, page number if applicable) to me at

    If you have the writing in digital format or could scan and email to me, that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.  Together we will work to continue Sir Martin’s life’s work and legacy to the next generations.


     All content is copyrighted. For permission to use Sir Martin’s writing, please write to 

    Every effort has been made to secure permission of the copyright holders of photos and those who have published Sir Martin’s work, or have written about him. If a copyright holder feels there is an infringement of copyright, please address concerns to