Sir Martin Gilbert Memorial Tribute

In honour of the one-year anniversary of Sir Martin Gilbert’s death on 3 February 2015, we are pleased to share the Memorial Tribute evening in honour of Sir Martin’s life and his immense contribution to history, held at the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London on 24 November 2015.

Memorial Picture Gallery

Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld of Western Marble Arch Synagogue
Randolph Churchill, with his post card of Lake Louise, Canada
Guests arriving, including the former British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Lady Gilbert, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown
Guests at the memorial, including Antony Copley and Richard Gott
Lady Esther's welcome
Minnie Churchill and Simon Bird
Rabbi Nicky Liss introducing the speakers
Gilbert family, dignitaries, and survivors
The Rt Hon Gordon Brown's tribute
Celia Sandys and Emma Soames, Churchill granddaughters
Lord Williams of Elvel and Lady Williams, Churchill's former secretary
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' tribute
Esther Gilbert with Jane Williams, Celia Sandys and Emma Soames
Professor Sir Richard Evans' tribute
Iraq Inquiry members, diplomats, members of the House of Lords
Singer Richard Winch, accompanied by Peter McCarthy
Randolph Churchill's tribute
Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, accompanied by Jason Silver

Close to 600 people attended the memorial including family and friends and those who had been touched by and gained from Sir Martin’s scholarship and his generosity.

Lady Gilbert welcomed guests and Rabbi Nicki Liss from Highgate Synagogue introduced the speakers, The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Professor Sir Richard Evans and Randolph Churchill who gave their personal tributes in honour of  Sir Martin.

Richard Winch sang three songs that had resonance for Sir Martin’s life, There’ll Always Be an England (Parker & Charles), London Pride (Coward), For He’s an Englishman (Gilbert & Sullivan).

Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld of Western Marble Arch Synagogue recited the Memorial Prayer. The evening ended with the National Anthems, God Save the Queen and the Hatikvah.

The event was supported by Western Marble Arch Synagogue and Highgate Synagogue

Memorial Tribute Video

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Speakers & Tributes

Lady Gilbert  ‘A life spent in the service of scholarship, who has left a legacy of historical accuracy, who influenced his world as much as he wrote it’s history’

The Rt Hon.Gordon Brown ‘Martin stands out as a great man and a good man’

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks  ‘He turned History into our memory’

Professor Sir Richard Evans  ‘He was unlike any other tutor I had encountered’

Randolph Churchill  ‘The Churchill family owe him a debt of gratitude’

Press Tributes