Sir Martin Gilbert Memorial, Israel

Sir Martin Gilbert
Sir Martin Gilbert

Stone Setting & Memorial in ISRAEL

Monday 25 January 2016
10.30 am: Stone Setting, Eretz Hachaim Cemetery, Beit Shemesh
11.30 am: Memorial, Kibbutz Tsora, Beit Shemesh

After the main speeches, there may be an opportunity for others to share special memories, depending on time.
If you are interested in saying a few words, please advise when you RSVP by 15 January 2016

Directions to Eretz Hachaim Cemetery, Beit Shemesh
 Directions to Kibbutz Tsora, Beit Shemesh from Cemetery
To reach Kibbutz Tsora (Tzora), return to Highway 38, turn left onto Highway 38, and then right 300 meters after the traffic light; continue for 2 kilometers and follow the signs for Tsora, which is located on the right hand side.