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The Sir Martin writes:

It is my aim in these pages to give a full and rounded picture of Churchill’s life, both in its personal and political aspects.  His career has been the subject of countless books and essays, in which he has sometimes been cavalierly, sometimes harshly, judged.  I have sought to give a balanced appraisal, based on his actual thoughts, actions, achievements and beliefs, as opposed to the many misconceptions that exist.

Sir Martin inscribing Churchill A Life
Sir Martin inscribing Churchill A Life

On this day: 25 December 1944

Churchill spends Christmas in Greece:  “It was to avert a Communist takeover in Greece, and the replacement of a tyranny dictated from Berlin by one dictated from Moscow, that Churchill had flown to Greece at Christmas 1944 and negotiated between the Greek forces led by Archbishop Damaskinos and those rival Greek forces directed from afar by the Soviet Union.”

Churchill’s War Leadership



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Churchill, A Life

Choosing the most revealing insights from Churchill’s public and private life, Gilbert presents the essence of the man, from his early life as a schoolboy and soldier to his years as war leader and elder statesman. The book provides a swiftly moving narrative of Churchill’s fifty-five years of public life:

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In Search of Churchill

In Search of Churchill is the story of Gilbert’s thirty-year quest for his subject. He reveals the staggering extent of his historical labour and shares with the reader some of the great moments in his pursuit. ‘I remember the extraordinary sense of elation when, one morning in 1987, I reached

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Churchill: The Power of Words

Throughout his six decades in the public eye, Winston Churchill understood and wielded the power of words. In his speeches, books, newspaper and magazine articles, he expressed his feelings and laid out his vision for the future. His wartime writings and speeches in particular have fascinated generation after generation with

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Churchill and America

“The story of Churchill and America spans ninety years. The special relationship he felt with the United States, and strove to establish – not always successfully – remains a central aspect of international relations. ‘Whatever the pathway of the future may bring,’ he told an American audience in 1932, ‘we

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Churchill and the Jews

In 1921, while in Jerusalem, Winston Churchill described the Jewish system of ethics as“incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together.” This book traces that remarkable relationship, between  Churchill and individual Jews and the Jewish people throughout his lifetime, his

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Churchill’s Political Philosophy

A published series of three lectures given as Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures on 24, 25, and 27 November 1980 delivered to the British Academy, this is an examination of Churchill’s career from the point of view of his motives and opinions. It is a careful analysis of what Churchill believed, and how

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Churchill: A Photographic Portrait

This is a fascinating portrait of Churchill – a portrait which combines many personal and political facets of a long and stormy career. Churchill is revealed in both serious and light-hearted mood, while quotations from his letters give an absorbing glimpse of what was often passing through his mind –

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Churchill: Great Lives Observed

Part of the Prentice-Hall Great Lives Observed series which combines the intimacy of autobiography, through Churchill’s own words, the immediacy of eye witness observation, through the words of his contemporaries, and the objectivity of modern scholarship of analyses in retrospect, by leading historians, political scientists, and politicians to create a

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Winston Churchill: Jackdaw

A folder, designed for schools, containing a dozen facsimile documents, including the proclamation signed by President John F. Kennedy conferring on Winston Churchill United States Citizenship, newspaper articles, telegrams, excerpts from his speeches and articles, and also specially drawn maps.

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Churchill, A Life: Abridged Pocket Edition

Keeping the same balance of personal and political, this abridged version of the acclaimed Churchill, A Life, uses Churchill’s most personal letters and the recollections of his contemporaries, both friends and enemies, to go behind the scenes of some of the stormiest and most fascinating political events of the Twentieth

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